Crisis Centre: Family networks can reduce suicides

In the aftermath of the tragic death by suicide of a Desglo woman this week, the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre has asserted that when persons do not have a family network to fall back on, they depend on themselves.

While expressing sympathy to the relatives of Cecilia Daniel Marshall, 43, who is reported to have consumed a corrosive substance, the Vice President of the Crisis Centre, Stephen Lambert, said that families need to take care of families.

“When you have that sort of partnership, that family relationship that you can turn back to, it makes your problems feel less,” Lambert explained.

He said that the Crisis Centre is continually open to persons who want to visit for counselling, whether pertaining to the loss of employment or other problems.

“This is the main thing you know, once you can speak about your problem it makes it a bit easier to bear,” the Crisis Centre official observed.

“This is what we need individuals to do – don’t face your crisis alone, come to the Crisis Centre or any group that is going to give you a listening ear,” Lambert declared.

He said it was heart warming to note how citizens had rallied around Chantal Marshall, the only daughter of the suicide victim.

Chantal, 21,  said her mother was depressed as a result of dealing with the death of her husband, financial problems and a bout of breast cancer.

The twenty-one year old woman, who revealed that she has been looking unsuccessfully for a job for over a year, has been offered employment by the law firm of Cyril Landers and Associates.

Other persons who were touched by her story are reported to have reached out to the former student of the Ciceron Secondary school with offers of financial assistance.

The Vice President of the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre said the organization remains open to the young woman to offer counselling free of charge.

“Just come in – you don’t need an appointment,” Lambert said.


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