Mother seeks funds for baby’s surgery

Christal Jorney, 30, is appealing for urgent  financial help to pay for her baby’s surgery.

Jorney told the Times that the child, her first,  was born in August with a cleft palate.

Later, Doctors discovered that the child’s heart was abnormal.

“She now has two holes in her heart, she also has a heart murmur and apart from the cleft palate, one of her hip bones is out of place,” the mother explained.

Jorney said the situation is very hard for her to bear.


(Christal Jorney)

She told the Times that she was informed that corrective surgery on baby Toya Jorney will cost over $US 20,000.

“We were seeking assistance from the government but up to now they haven’t. We have written a letter to them but we have not received any assistance as yet,” The Trois Pitons, Castries, resident noted.

She disclosed that the surgery on her child has been scheduled for March.

“My dad is a bus driver – he is the only one working and my husband is the only one working as well to give support,” Jorney said when asked about assistance from her relatives.

She explained that she has been trying to raise funds on her own by selling food.

However the concerned mother told the Times that the money raised is insufficient.

“March is almost here,” she told the Times.

Jorney has said that persons wishing to assist can call telephone number 7296461.


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