Trade licence notice

Press Release:-The Chair of the Trade Licence Advisory Board hereby informs all persons and companies trading in Saint Lucia who are not CARICOM nationals within the meaning of the Trade Licence Act, Cap. 13.04 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia to ensure that they have a valid Trade Licence to trade in Saint Lucia for 2017.

A Trade Licence is an annual Licence issued by the Secretary of the Trade Licence Advisory Board to a person or company to trade under specific conditions. For example, a Trade Licence may be approved for a speciality restaurant, a medical school, retail store or a hotel after all due diligence has been satisfied by the Trade Licence Advisory Board.

Section 13 of the Trade Licence Act outlines the Penalty if one contravenes any provisions of the said act and is liable on summary convictions to a fine of not more than $2,000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months or to both.

Against this background, the Chair of the Trade Licence Advisory Board informs all persons or companies to comply with the provisions of the Trade Licence Act, Cap. 13.04 and that Penalty Provisions will be taken against anyone who defaults from the Trade Licence Act.

For further information, please contact, Ms. Nancy Francis, Secretary, Trade Licence Advisory Board at 468-4291 or

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