Justice Educator meets with Crisis Centre

A Criminal Justice Educator from Canada, Dianne D’Elia, held an information session Wednesday with officials of the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre on anger management and domestic violence.

D’Elia said she shared information about two programmes that are being run in Canada, specifically in Toronto and Ontario.

“It’s a four week programme  for people who would like help with their anger but they are not sure how to control their emotions and the twelve week domestic violence programme which is the equivalent of the better intervention programme her – programmes that are meant to address any issues of  power and control in a relationship,” the Canadian official explained.

She disclosed that the programmes address how people use abusive behaviour to get what they want.

“It is to help them understand why they use abusive methods and how to help stop that cycle of violence so that they can have healthy relationships,” D’ Elia said.

She noted that it was important to identify where anger is coming from, as anger is regarded as a secondary emotion and a mask that people wear.

“Trying to understand the emotion under that anger is where we are really going to get a lot of information to help our anger,” D’Elia told reporters.

She stated that often sadness, jealousy or loneliness can trigger anger.

The Canadian official said addressing those emotions is important in addressing reactions.

She told reporters that it was also important to get  healthy coping mechanisms.

“So it is looking at thinking and how to bring in positive thinking when anger is escalating,” D’Elia observed.

“”Instead of saying ‘I can’t handle this situation’  it’s saying :’I can handle this. I will cool down. I will need to take a break or a walk, but I will come back to this. This is not worth it – it is not worth my anger.’ Instead of saying ‘I can’t’ or ‘whatever'” she said.

D’Elia, who is now in the province of Alberta, disclosed that domestic violence there is quite high.

“Anytime you see a recession or an economic slump, violence and stress go up,” the Justice Educator declared.


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