Sister of deceased says: “Stop the Violence!”

Lucinda Desir, the  sister of 34-year old Peter Desir who was shot dead yesterday afternoon at the bottom of Rose Hill as he sat in a vehicle, has called for an end to the violence that has so far resulted in eleven homicides this year in Saint Lucia.

“We have to stop the violence. Killing people is not the way to solve problems. You don’t care if he has a family, responsibilities, loved ones – my brother just not there again,” she said.

The older sister of the deceased shooting victim said Peter Desir played the role of the father of her children.

“He used to bring them to school every day. If they needed anything, he would give it to them. He was not greedy – he was a family boy. My mother was doing everything for him because he was a mommy’s boy and he was hardworking – he used to enjoy his work, his money and his life,” the sister said.

She said she does not know why someone would kill him.

“I want justice for my brother,” the sister declared, asserting that her brother never did anyone anything.

Lucinda Desir called on persons who may have information about yesterday’s fatal shooting to come forward and say something.

Responding to conjecture that Peter Desir’s choice of associates may have led to his fatal shooting his sister said she did not know.

” That’s where he used to go and cool out after work. He just used to go and cool out there – it wasn’t nothing,” she said in response to claims that  her deceased brother  frequented some known trouble spots in the capital.

“Not because the place bad – they have good people there,” the sister said.

She said:

“I don’t know what people are talking about.”

The mother, Matilda Desir,  described her son as a loving child who had no trouble with anyone.


(Matilda Desir)

She said that she was informed that her son was sitting in his vehicle relaxing after work, when someone crept up and shot him.

“My son is a very nice boy – he is very loving. He was never in trouble with anybody,” she said, adding that Peter Desir was very helpful to his family.

Asked why someone would want her son dead, the mother said:

“I don’t know – its jealousy. I don’t know for what reason.”

Bursting into tears, Matilda Desir declared that she could never forget her son.



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    March 26, 2017 at 8:25 am