Sister: Victim was killed on his way to work

The sister of shooting victim, Peter Satney, 52, has told the Times that her brother was fatally shot on his way to work this morning.

Juliana Satney, better known as Marilyn Satney, said this morning her son received a telephone call indicating that his uncle had been shot.


(Juliana Satney)

“They took his bag – his phone, because the phone not even in the bag and all his papers, all his documents, they dropped it in the gutter lower down the road,” the woman told the Times.

She described her brother as a very quiet person who goes to work every morning.

“He does not have trouble with anybody because he is very quiet,” Satney said of her brother who is a construction worker.

“It shock everybody because everybody when they heard that, they did not believe that,” she stated in reference to the fatal shooting.

Her brother was shot three times in the abdomen as he made his way to work in the early hours of this morning, according to reports.

Residents of Cedars where the incident occurred said they heard two screams, after which they heard gunshots.

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