Suspected suicide attempt in Vieux Fort

A thirty-five year old male was taken to hospital last night following a suspected attempt at suicide, it has been reported.

According to a source familiar with the incident, the man is said to have consumed an assortment of medication.

Although bleeding through the nose, the Augier resident was reported to be in stable condition today.

The circumstances surrounding the incident were unclear.

Earlier this week, Cecilia Daniel Marshall, 43,  of Desglo died in hospital after consuming the weedicide, gramaxzone.

Relatives reported that the woman was beset by a number of problems, including money woes, the recent death of her husband and her own battle with cancer.

There have also been reports that following that Desglo incident an Anse La Raye resident, who discovered that the woman with whom he was in a relationship also had a romantic interest in another male, attempted to set himself alight but was restrained by others.

The man is reported to have been taken to the National Mental Wellness Centre for counselling.