Tumour patient seeks financial help

Tumour patient, Layne Jean, has a cheerful voice and wears a smile as he speaks, but he told the Times that his heart is sad.

Jean can easily be mistaken for someone much younger, when in fact he is twenty-one years old.

The Grande Riviere, Gros Islet resident has a history of neurofibromatosis,  a condition characterized by changes in skin coloring  and the growth of tumors along nerves in the skin, brain, and other parts of the body.

Jean also has a  worsening deformity to his spine and needs urgent corrective surgery which, according to information, cannot be done in Saint Lucia.


The tumour partient had previous surgery in Martinique which left him wheelchair bound.

Now he is seeking financial assistance to get medical attention in the United States.

Jean told the times he had his condition since he was a baby.


“It affects me a lot. Since I was going to school I cannot walk – each time I was walking, I falling,” he explained.

He recalled that when he was a baby, he underwent a surgical operation in Saint Lucia and another later on in Martinique when he was nine years old.

“Right now my spine is all outside, my feet are hurting me – they told me they cannot do nothing for me in Saint Lucia,” Jean stated.

The former Grande Riviere Primary School student recalled that as a result of his problem, he was forced to drop out of school at around eleven years of age.

“Sometimes I don’t let it bother me,” he said brightly, but quickly added “But in my heart I have sadness.”

The eighth of nine children in his family told the Times he is quite distressed because he has to always depend on others to assist him.

“I feel sometimes I can’t take it again,” he told the Times.

Persons wishing to assist  tumour patient Layne Jean can call +1 (758) 520-3957.  The Bank of Saint Lucia Account is 930143177.

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