Children at Crisis Centre after double homicide

Two traumatised children who woke up this morning to discover a double homicide involving their mother and her boyfriend are receiving counselling at the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre, relatives of the two youngsters have disclosed.

“They are crying a lot because they saw their mother dead and the boyfriend”the children’s grandfather, Francis George, who is the father of the deceased, Sandrina Joseph, told the Times.


(Francis George)

George disclosed that the children discovered the bodies of Joseph and Jeffrey Ablard when they awoke this morning at around 7. am to begin preparing to attend school.

“When the daughter go and call the mother to prepare something for them to go to school, she see the mother not answering and when she look she see blood and she start screaming,” he said.

According to reports, the couple had been stabbed to death.

George told the Times that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend had sent a message to her threatening that she would be killed once he he was released from prison.

He said the deceased had reported the matter to the police.

Francis Anthony Charles, the step father of the deceased boyfriend, expressed shock at the double homicide.


(Francis Anthony Charles)

He described his stepson as a very calm person.

“People talk about their children this and their children that, but he was a very calm person,” Charles told the Times.

Today’s tragedy has pushed to 13, the number of homicides so far for the year.

The double homicide has plunged the community of Tamarind Heights, Active Hill, into mourning.