FLOW-Trevor Daniel FDP Tournament a Historic Success!

Press Release:The Sab (Vigie) Playing Field was alive with action last Sunday (January 29) as more than  300 young footballers came together for the Flow-Trevor Daniel Football Development Programme youth tournament, one of St. Lucia’s biggest and most popular football programs for kids.

The Flow – Trevor Daniel FDP, headed by Trevor Daniel, one of St. Lucia’s leading football coaches, provides carefully crafted and fun-filled football training to youths in the 4 – 14 age categories to help them develop their raw talents. Flow is the title sponsor of the programme, which is also sponsored by Sandals Resorts International.   

For the kids, who represent St. Lucia’s next generation of football superstars, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills and get some first-class training. They were assigned to four houses; Accountants, Engineers, Journalists and Pharmacists and five age divisions, Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Under 15. Each child was allowed to play three matches.

The kids took full advantage of their chance to be in the spotlight as they run and dribbled away, proudly showing off their tackling and passing prowess and they netted lots of goals. Their family members came along to support them and happily cheered them on.

The parents were not left out of the action. They were given the chance to lace up their boots and take to the field for an unprecedented Mummies 9v9 match and a Daddies 9v9 match.  

For the technical staff it was a day to evaluate their training methods and access the efficacy of the programme and its impact on the youngsters. They were also keen to determine which aspects of the coaching and instruction regimen need to be improved.

“Many say that we are the best at developing kids. We wanted to see if this is true,” said programme director, Trevor Daniel.  

Commenting on the decision to invite the children’s parents to participate in the tournament, Daniel said, “The idea is to have the kids see their parents doing something that the kids themselves love. Most kids in our society see their parents for a few minutes on a morning before work, and a few minutes on evenings before bedtime – if at all – and they’ve never seen them play and have fun. We hope this will encourage parents and children to play and train together at home, thus providing one more opportunity for quality family time. This may not solve all our social ills but it’s a good place to start. Kids seeing their parents engaged in positive healthy life practices will increase the kids’ chances of making positive healthy life choices themselves.”

Daniel expressed his gratitude for the support from the primary sponsors, Flow and Sandals. “The largest telecoms company in St. Lucia, Flow, and Sandals Resorts International has committed their continued support to the programme, and to reciprocate, the mummies and daddies played as an ALL-Star Flow team against an ALL-Star Sandals Team. We are extremely grateful for the support from Flow and Sandals and wish to thank them for their continued faith in the programme.”

Shermalyn Sidonie-John, Flow St. Lucia’s Marketing & Communications Executive, said, “We tip our hats to Mr. Daniel and the programe’s technical team and coaches, and most of all the players who made the event such a great success. There’s an urgent need to get more youths involved in sports, many of whom are facing extremely tough challenges that make them vulnerable to negative influences such as gangs, drug abuse and crime. Flow is extremely proud to support this excellent initiative which has the capacity to transform lives and help rescue an entire generation of young people.”

The FLOW-Trevor Daniel FDP tournament heralded the start of a major campaign aimed at getting St. Lucian football to the top on the international stage.

“We are looking out for the impact in the not too distant future, thanks to our event sponsors Valley Cold Storage and The Voice Publishing. Special thanks for the continued support of our partners, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sandals Resorts and FLOW- this is how we play!” said Daniel.   

The Flow-Trevor Daniel Football Development Programme is currently open to all kids 4-14 years old, including seasoned players and first timers. The program is held annually and features a 42-week curriculum that runs from September through to July. It is an after-school program and shuttle-bus services are provided to all the participating schools. The progress and development of each of the players are documented, including via video recordings.