Labour Commissioner intervenes in ‘boiling’ dispute

Press Release:-The National Workers Union (NWU) has requested the intervention of Labour Commissioner, Mr. Ray Narcisse in a boiling dispute between the Government Negotiating Unit and the NWU.  

The NWU in its letter dated February 1, 2017 pointed out that during the last Government/NWU negotiation session, it was agreed that Government would undertake a study among Community Health Aides employed with Government to examine wage levels, current job descriptions and responsibilities on the job.

The NWU has always held the view that Community Health Aides were being underpaid given the various tasks they are assigned to perform from time to time.

The National Workers Union was informed that the study was completed and a report was in circulation.  The NWU is concerned that the Report has not been shared with the Union. The Labour Commissioner’s intervention has been sought on this matter.


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