Over 21 Police shootings under review

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Daarsrean Greene, has disclosed that he is currently reviewing in excess of  21 alleged police shootings, some of which were the subject of the IMPACS report.

Greene told a news conference this morning that he has made an extensive review of the majority of the cases and was able to plot the way forward for most of them.

He disclosed that in some instances he has written to the Commissioner of Police expressing his opinion.

“I must state that many of these matters are still incomplete in terms of the criminal investigation and as such I cannot disclose details of any findings of what in particular is missing from these investigations, as this would only prejudice due process,” the Acting DPP stated.

“We don’t try to prejudge issues – we have to allow matters to complete the investigative stage,” Greene told reporters.


(Members of the local media at this morning’s news conference)

He recalled that some matters have been sent to the Coroner’s Court where certain pronouncements were made.

However Greene asserted that the pronouncements do not constitute findings of guilt on the part of any persons involved.


The Acting DPP gave the assurance that the matters have not been shelved.

“I basically work on these matters every single day,” the Acting DPP stated.

He explained that there is no absolute rule that the matters have to go to an inquest.

“I can commence criminal proceedings subsequent to a police investigation,” Greene told this morning’s news conference.

He expressed confidence that the matters would be resolved and asked for the patience of members of the public.

“These are very sensitive issues – the liberty of certain subjects are at stake and I must also consider what has happened in these tragic circumstances,” the Acting DPP told reporters.