Jamaica: Homosexuals object to search

Jamaica Observer:-A group of homeless homosexual men who live in Kencot gully, near Medical Associates Hospital on Half-Way-Tree Road in St Andrew, were outraged yesterday after police carried out an operation in the gully and allegedly destroyed their property.

The men retaliated by throwing objects onto the main thoroughfare. It is also alleged that they set fire to debris under the bridge.

A unit from the Half-Way-Tree fire department was summoned to put out the blaze.

A source told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the operation was designed to arrest people suspected of carrying out robberies on Half-Way-Tree Road.

The men, some of whom had migrated from the Shoemaker Gully in New Kingston, have been living in Kencot gully since last year.

Despite the presence of the police, the irate men created a scene, causing a pile-up of traffic. Dozens of onlookers also gathered on both sides of the roadway.

Jamie Rose, who was among the onlookers, revealed that he was robbed twice by the men who took his cellular phone and $18,000 from his pocket.

“I was robbed… coming from a meeting. As soon as I turned the corner, there was a young man that stopped me and said, ‘Goodnight, Sir, can I have your phone, please?’ and I said ‘For what?’ And him reach for a knife and I double my fist to thump him in his mouth, and there was another one behind me who said, ‘Sir, this could be dangerous.’

“When I looked at his waist there was a gun,” Rose continued, lamenting that it is not safe to walk along the road at night.

Rose told the Observer that he believed the robbers were the same residents of the gully as he recognised their “accent”.

With frustration etched on his face, he said the men should be removed from the gully.

“They need to get them out of the area. I don’t care where they want to go. I know at least four persons that have been robbed, including one of my church brothers,” the man said, adding that the homeless homosexuals are “plagues”.

Up to press time the police were unable to state if the operation led to any arrests.

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