Fundraiser for murder victim’s children launched

An online fundraiser  has been launched to  raise $50,000 to support the two children of  29 year old murder victim Sandrina Joseph.

The fundraiser was launched on the same day that she died.

Joseph and  her 26 year old boyfriend. Jeffery Cashim Abella, were found dead at their home at Tamarind Heights, La Clery,  on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

The children of the deceased woman, aged 10 and 11, were the ones who raised the alarm after finding the two bodies  at around

Organizers of the  campaign have said that the  traumatised youngsters  were left alone and scared that they no longer have their main support to provide for them.

“The funds are needed as soon as possible to help assist the children in paying for their mother’s funeral as well as food and shelter,” a statement on said.

“Our family will be extremely grateful for any donations given to help support the children during this traumatic time,” the statement said.

Neighbours said the deceased mother of the two children had received death threats from an ex boyfriend who had vowed to kill her once he got out of jail.

Once suspect was arrested shortly after the double homicide.

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