Saint Lucian Entrepreneur launches online ordering service for school books

­ is a family business, 100% St. Lucian owned by husband and wife Vernon Jean and Chantal Kadoo-Jean. Like many families, we have had to go through the hassles of purchasing textbooks for school. Just like you, we have had to beat around town, from book store to book store in search of these text books. Eventually having to settle that not all the books could be found. It’s a struggle that we not only experienced first hand but so did many parents in similar situations.

The time has come for change. This archaic way of obtaining these much needed text books has not changed for generations and in this fast paced world we needed something better. We at have put together a plan to bring text book purchasing to the 21st century.

Our children deserve every opportunity to succeed and providing them with these opportunities can be difficult, especially ensuring they have all the required textbooks. Unfortunately, over 60% of our children don’t obtain all their textbooks. This in turn makes it difficult for them to participate in class and study. would like to solve this problem. Here is how:

1. Booklist Access – Giving you early access to verified booklists, as early as January. So that you can begin purchasing early, with all the books listed and available to you.

2. Flexible Payments – You will have the ability to purchase the books on your schedule, “all at once” or “little by little each month”. No more being squeezed in August. You buy when you choose to.

3. Availability- No more will you need to travel from bookstore to bookstore. You can obtain all the textbooks in one place, with ease and comfort using your computer or smartphone.

4. Price- We are working with the suppliers to ensure you get the textbooks at the best prices. Also, our added services like book covering and labeling is kept at a low and affordable price, to be easy on your pocket.

5. Delivery – Making things more convenient and accessible to you, books are distributed in all Constituencies. Island wide “Home Delivery” is also available at only $12.

We are also offering you a book covering service where we cover/label your books. No more will you have to go through the task of covering books. On average, only $12.50 can cover all textbooks for 1 child. It gets better as we offer high picture quality labeling as well. Just imagine your beautiful child’s face on his labeled textbook. Also, when you register on our website, you gain immediate access to past papers for Minimum Standards, Common Entrance and CXC all for FREE!!!

Visit our website register and start ordering your books early. Feel free to contact us through our website, Facebook, email or phone.