Art Pole Project – Call to Artists

Art Pole Project – Call to Artists

The Saint Lucia Sculpture Park Inc. (SLSP) is a non-profit foundation established to design and develop, a national open air museum utilising the entire island of St. Lucia.  The various sites of the Sculpture Park will be open year round and will act as a catalyst to heighten aesthetic and creative awareness and add dimensionally to Saint Lucia’s rich folkloric heritage.

The aim of the foundation is to redefine St. Lucia’s public spaces, enhance the island’s natural beauty, assist in creating greater environmental sensitivity, educate and inspire the youth, foster a new culturally perceptive artistic movement and strengthen the overall cultural awareness of both St. Lucians and visitors to St. Lucia.  The Project was unveiled to the Royal Academy, London on 11th September, 2014

We are embarking on our first series of installations – THE ART POLE PROJECT – and we would like to invite ALL artists – Fine Artists, Graphic Artists, Painters and all Creative Minds – to submit designs.


  • The poles will be circular in cross-section; of 18 inches in diameter and will vary in height to a maximum of 25 feet
  • Selected designs will be transferred to the poles by other ‘stock’ artists
  • Each Pole will carry only one design or motif and will be ‘wrapped’ about the pole
  • Artists are responsible only for the designs as submitted
  • All other material related to the poles:  the poles themselves, paint, laminates etc. and/or their installation is the responsibility of the Project
  • Each installation will be a grouping of Art Poles (from as few as 1 to any number decided by the select committee)  



FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT:   or call 1 758 450 9740


  1. Marion Bartlett
    February 8, 2017 at 1:13 pm Reply

    Dear Miss Harris
    I will reapply my design in a “flat” or painted format
    as I would love to be involved with such a delightful project.

    please consider my prior submitted sculptured design as a possible future idea
    that may enhance the public art on display elsewhere in Castries
    or at the airport , or Rodney Bay etc.

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