Castries Central MP concerned about unemployment

Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood Beaubrun, has expressed concern about the rate of unemployment in Saint Lucia, describing it as a big problem.

“Idleness creates social inactivity and persons resort to antisocial behaviour, so the unemployment situation is a big issue that needs to be addressed,” Flood-Beaubrun asserted.

She said when she sits in her constituency office on Fridays, if she sees 40 people some 35 are there for jobs.

The Castries Central MP told reporters that if people cannot be gainfully employed, they will be employed otherwise by engaging in antisocial activity.

Flood-Beaubrun spoke against the backdrop of mounting concern about crime which she said is a multi-faceted problem  that requires the intervention of the government, NGO’s, the community, parents and everyone.

She expressed the hope that in the national budget in April, some programmes can be implemented to deal with the issues.

According to the Castries Central MP, there is need for lasting solutions that deal with the root of the problem of crime.

She said she had some ‘creative’ ideas which she plans to implement in her constituency.

“I am hoping we can get some support where we can get some grant funding.I am preparing these projects and I am hoping that I can say what I am doing in my constituency. But we have to deal with this constituency by constituency, community by community, family by family, individual by individual – everybody has a responsibility to deal with crime. Government must set the agenda, but at the end of the day it is personal responsibility that matters,” Flood-Beaubrun said.