Sister tells her brother’s killer to surrender

Ketra St Marie, the sister of  Bois Patat homicide victim, Uroy Theophilus aka ‘Not Nice’, has called on her brother’s killer to turn himself in rather than have the police go looking for him.

St Marie suggested that a police hunt for the killer could result in another loss of life and another family being  plunged into mourning.

She said she was told that her deceased brother sent an individual on an errand last night and requested that the man hand over change when he returned from the errand.

“He refused to give him the change, then my brother grabbed him and I heard that he he stabbed my brother,” St Marie stated.

“My brother was a good person to us – he was good to the guys on the block,” St Marie told the Times.

She said there was nothing bad she could say about the deceased, although she asserted that at home individuals may behave one way but conduct themselves differently elsewhere.

According to St Marie, the family is trying to cope.

“What else can we do? Just pray,” the sister said.

Asked about the current violent crime wave sweeping the country, St Marie said the young generation should pray, put  their lives in God’s hands, think twice before they act and put down their weapons.

“If they could do that, things will be a lot better,” she said.