T&T: PM under fire for advice to women

Trinidad Express:-Anglican Bishop Rev Claude Berkley says the socialisation of men and boys is important to deterring murders while women’s group Womantra has called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to “apologise”.

These were indicative of the varied reactions to Dr Rowley’s advice to women to “pick their men wisely” while speaking during the first of a series of 14 conversations which started at the Maloney Mall Amphitheatre on Monday night.

Rowley said: “You called upon the Prime Minister to do something about crime. I am not in your bedroom. I am not in your choice of men.

“You have a responsibility to determine who you associate with and know when to get out and the State will try to help. But then when the tragedy comes and it becomes known to police, the police must now go the extra mile to ensure there is detection.”

Here are the comments of those interviewed yesterday:
Anglican Bishop Rev Claude Berkley:
“We need to give a lot of focus to bringing up our menfolk. Our boys and men need to be sensitive, caring and tolerant. The socialisation of our men and boys is of paramount importance.

“We have to be more respectful and caring. Yes, the choosing of partners is an important factor. We have to choose wisely but men have a responsibility as much as women in relationships.