‘Lady Compton never requested pension’

Jeannine Compton-Antoine, the daughter of Lady Compton, has said that her mother never requested a pension and  was not consulted on a  benefit bill which was to be tabled in parliament in her name.

The bill was originally scheduled to be tabled in parliament on Tuesday, but was withdrawn to make provisions for all former First Ladies.

“Lady Janice Compton was only made aware of it after it was put onto the Order Paper,” Compton-Antoine told HTS Television news last night.

Compton-Antoine said her mother was not fully aware of what the measure entailed.

She explained that her mother wants more inclusive legislation.

“Upon discussion with the Prime Minister, she has asked the Prime Minister to  revisit the bill – her preference is to see it put under the already existing pensions act and that it be done across the board for all wives of Prime Ministers,” Jeannine Compton-Antoine stated, adding that her mother does not want any legislation specifically in her name.

HTS Television quoted Compton-Antoine as indicating that disparaging comments from members of the public about her mother had caused some distress, when Lady Compton never requested a pension.

“Sir John has been dead almost ten years and as a wife of a Prime Minister, once the Prime Minister is dead – they receive no pension, they receive no monies and people need to understand that the wives of  Prime Ministers do serve the country in their capacity. It is not only the Prime Minister who does things, ” she said.

Compton-Antoine recalled that it was Lady Compton who raised the money and had the Turning Point dug rehabilitation centre build, making Saint Lucia the first country in the OECS to have such a facility where people from all over the  sub-region could visit.

Lady Compton’s late husband, Sir John Compton, served as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia on three occasions, the last time being from 2006 until his death in 2007.



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