AM Model Agency gives back

Press Release:-The Allana Maximin Modeling Agency (AMMA Models), founded by Allana Maximin & Markeem Morrison, have been responsible for the birth of many professional models in St. Lucia.

Since 2015 the Allana Maximin Modeling Agency (AMMA Models) has been quietly assisting young women and men to build their self-esteem and become professional models and also role models in society. It has flown under the radar, out the spotlight while focusing on building a brand and a family and creating an empire. In the past two years, the AMMA Models have trained many young men and women and sent them into the world of fashion and advertising to moth into the confident models they have now become.

This year, AMMA Modeling Agency has decided to take its work one step further and invest in the wellbeing of their surroundings and the people of St. Lucia. The AMMA Models are kicking off their philanthropic movement on Saturday February 11th 2017 with Phase 1 of their Clean Air, Healthy Living Project, in the form of a cleanup on the Choc beach from 8am which is open for members of the public if they would like to assist. This will be followed by drug free campaigning at schools, fundraisers, visits and gifting to VH Pediatric and the Marion home, visits to shelters, soup kitchens and facilities for kids, and tree planting and recycling projects to name a few all happening in the coming months.

The management of AMMA Models stated that it isn’t simply an agency where young people get training to participate in pageants and be fashion models but a family where those young persons receive guidance and are trained to become role models for upcoming generations. These models will be able to represent the brand and St Lucia in a responsible and professional manner. Our young men and women of AMMA take pride in everything they do and put education and community service to the forefront.

AMMA Models will bring new meaning to the word MODEL and anticipate greatness in the near future.  

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