Jamaica: Taxi operators to discuss tint removal

Jamaica Observer:THE Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO) has been invited to a meeting at Jamaica House on Monday to discuss the issue of the removal of tints from public passenger vehicles.

JATOO said it expects the meeting to give a clear direction as to whether tints presently being used are legal or illegal.

The taxi operations said the meeting was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was pushed forward to Monday to accommodate a wider cross-section of members in the transportation sector.

“The present position is that the police will be carrying out their operation of tint removal, starting Monday. This is due to start before the proposed meeting.

“This being the case, JATOO is advising our members that if they suspect that their vehicle will be interrupted by the police or any other state agency on Monday, they should await the decision of the Monday meeting before venturing out for the day,” a JATOO statement said. The association has, meanwhile, asked the police to delay the removal of tints until after the Jamaica House meeting.

“We are unable to represent any member on this issue before a decision is made regarding tints,” it added.”We are also advising the travelling public that if you cannot see inside of a vehicle, you should not enter into that vehicle.”