Alvina blasts Ubaldus Raymond over scandal

Former  Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds, has blasted Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Doctor Ubaldus Reymond, over the  scandal that has erupted over his alleged nude photographs being posted on social media.

“As a woman, as someone who has taught children and teenagers and young people, I bow my head in shame to know  that I stood on a platform and  campaigned for Doctor Raymond,” Reynolds told a political meeting of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Sunday evening.

Raymond, an Economist,  contested the 2011 general elections on an SLP ticket and lost to the incumbent MP for  the Castries North constituency, Stephenson King.

Alvina Reynolds said she expected Raymond to stand up and be a good example of a man for the youth of Saint Lucia.

The former minister made reference to the eighteen year old female who was charged with blackmail amid the social media firestorm sparked by the leakage of the alleged nude photos of Raymond.

“How many of you have raised eighteen year old children? When they go to a party you can’t even sleep. When they take your car you can’t even sleep. When they tell you they want a drink of wine, you’re worried. All of a sudden an eighteen year old is a big woman,”  Reynolds told opposition supporters.

“Shameful! An eighteen year old student. A grown, married family man. And yes, he made sure she accepted responsibility. She was arrested, she was charged, she was bailed for ten thousand dollars, she showed up for court – she took responsibility for her actions. Doctor Ubaldus Raymond, he needs to take responsibility for his actions,” the former minister asserted.

Reynolds referred to Raymond’s statement in the midst of the scandal as quoted in the newspapers, where he declared that he would not be bullied.

She also noted that the Minister in the Ministry of Finance had said that since he entered politics he has maintained his integrity and credibility.

Reynolds said:

“Integrity? Credibility? Somebody wake me up because I am sleeping!”