Hilaire says Saint Lucia in crisis

Castries South MP, Doctor Ernest Hilaire, has told supporters of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) that Saint Lucia is in crisis  after eight months under the ruling United Workers Party (UWP).

Referring to speakers who had preceded him at Sunday night’s SLP meeting on the Castries Market steps,the former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to London said they had shown that Saint Lucia after 8 months of UWP rule is worse than it was in 2o11 when the labour party took over.

“They destroyed in eight months all the hard work we did to repair the damage they did when they were in power between 2006 and 2011,” Hilaire told SLP supporters.

“But we will not despair, we will not give up because it is our duty and it has always been the duty of the labour party to come back and fix Saint Lucia after the damage of  of the United Workers Party. We have accepted that we have had to do that before,” the Castries South MP stated.

(A section of the audience at Sunday night’s SLP meeting)

He asked how many in the audience had watched the session of parliament on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister, out of place, read a letter on a matter relating to  the elections amendment act. Our political leader tried to get a chance to respond. He was not allowed. I tried to get a chance to ask a question – I was not allowed,” Hilaire recalled.

Nevertheless, he told SLP supporters that he would use the occasion of the political meeting to ask the question.

“I wanted to ask Allen Chastanet a very simple question – I did not want to be malicious, I did not want to be vindictive, I did not want to be insultive. I wanted to ask Allen Chastanet if he is prepared to equate a letter that Kenny Anthony gave to an investor to invite him to negotiate with us and the same way that he signed an agreement that he did not read and he did not understand,” Hilaire stated.

He told SLP supporters that the letter Anthony wrote was one that outlined the investor’s intentions and indicated that the government was prepared to start a discussion.

“It is called a comfort letter,” Hilaire explained.

He said he wanted Allen Chastanet to be asked how many such letters he has written since becoming Prime Minister.

Hilaire said all the lands Chastanet referred to are private lands.

“So the investor would have to go and negotiate with those people to buy the lands from them,” he said.

However Hilaire told Sunday’s political meeting that the lands in Vieux Fort,  are not private lands.

He said Chastanet had signed an agreement with Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) because he wants to say to Saint Lucians that he is better than the SLP and former Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony.

The SLP has publicly voiced its opposition to the $US 2.6 billion DSH project slated for the South of the Island, asserting that it is a bad agreement that should be renegotiated.

According to the SLP, the UWP Administration has failed to ensure that an  agreement was reached which provides sufficient and satisfactory benefit to Saint Lucia.