Babonneau Church celebrates 70th anniversary

Saint Lucian artist, Giovanni St. Omer, is to paint a mural in commemoration.

The parish of Babonneau will soon celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Babonneau Good Shepherd Church.

The Good Shepherd Church is an icon within the Babonneau community and serves as the most prominent landmark. It is firmly rooted in the culture of the community.

The anniversary will be marked by activities aimed at building families, the community and the country in an effort to attract more persons to the life-giving word of God. The church will also undertake several upkeep projects.

Some projects include the upgrading of the outdated sound system, repairs to the roof, benches, and fencing, the repainting of the interior walls of the church, and the construction of a choir stand.

The highlight project is the creation of a mural on the front and rear walls of the church by Saint Lucian artist, Giovanni St. Omer. This masterpiece will chronicle the work of those who led the way in the construction of the Good Shepherd Church.

A launching ceremony for the church’s 70th anniversary activities will be held at 10 a.m. on Feb. 15, at the Babonneau Multi-Purpose Centre. The 70th anniversary of the Babonneau Good Shepherd Church will be observed on Thursday, June 29.