Ministry of Infrastructure to Start Road Rehabilitation Program

Efforts are being made to improve the condition of the roads within the short to medium term, the minister said.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labor will soon commence construction work on the island’s roads.

The Road Rehabilitation Program will involve the resurfacing, and in some instances the reconstruction of roads throughout the island.

“I am aware that the populace is anxious, some are angry, yet others are tolerant and have understood the circumstances,” said Hon. Stephenson King, the Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labor.

“May I use this opportunity to appeal to the motoring public and the population at large to bear some patience and exercise caution on the roads, as every effort is being made to bring a measure of resolution within the short to medium term ahead of the new financial year.”

The minister said several tertiary roads (roads with low to moderate traffic which link the smaller communities) are also being considered.

“The Micoud road which includes Dugard to La Courville, and the resurfacing of the Blanchard and London roads in the Micoud south constituency is presently being considered. Also, the Marc Crown Lands roads, Forestierre, Fond Khodra, Fond Mangier, and Capital,” he continued. “Work should start in the not too distant future. Attention to those roads and to the series of isolated potholes in various communities in Saint Lucia will bring significant relief to the users once the resources are made available to the ministry of Infrastructure.”

The minister has submitted a request for an additional EC$1.1 million in order to supplement what he termed an “inadequate” budgetary allocation of EC$2 million for road rehabilitation work.


  1. Steph Anie
    September 7, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    I keep being disappointed the way the pot holes are being patched. While I am glad an effort is being made if the workers were being instructed to do a neat job on the roads it would look better. The road looks like a lot of bumps. Growing up when the people used to fix roads at least the edges would be rolled over and hence look smoother. And would sweep excess Now lots of little stones all over flying when vehicles drive over. If you hired me to work on your property and I give this half done job you would not like it. So please treat tax payers like you would want to be treated. Concerned citizen of Dennery

    1. Anonymous
      September 7, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      There is a proper way to do everything. That’s why there are standards and best practice procedures. It seems to me that standard don’t seem to matter any more in this country with the obvious consequences. The “e bon co sa” attitude is infesting every.