Organisers: Anti crime vigil a success

Organisers of a Valentine’s Day  anti crime vigil which was held this evening to draw attention to a recent double homicide at Tamarind Heights in La Clery and a spate of homicides since the beginning of this year, have hailed the event a success.

The double homicide on February 1, 2017, claimed the lives of Sandrina ‘Shingay’ Joseph, 29, and Jeffrey ‘Cashim’ Arbella,26, whose bodies were discovered by the deceased woman’s two young children.

The funeral for the couple will be held on Wednesday.

One of the organisers of today’s vigil, Saralee Nugent,  said the anti-crime message was heard.

“We had a lot of people come out this evening to show their support, not only for the victims Cashim and Shingay but for the message – anti-violence, stop the crime and violence against children, domestic abuse, domestic violence and so on,” Nugent stated.

She said the organizers were heartened to see politicians and  religious leaders, including representatives of the Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic and Pentecostal churches in attendance.

Castries North MP, Stephenson King, was present along with John Charlery, the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party candidate who lost to King in the last elections.

Participants in the vigil stopped at several points, said prayers and sang.

“We have nurses, we have teachers, we have students – everybody just came out to say say :’Enough is enough. We have really had enough!'” Nugent declared.

She said that while this evening’s activity would likely  not have a major impact in stopping crime, the voices of the people were heard.