Pierre blasts government over size of cabinet

Opposition leader, Philip J.Pierre, has taken the government to task over the size of the cabinet of ministers, asserting that it is the largest cabinet in the history of this country.

Addressing opposition supporters Sunday night at a political meeting on the Castries Market steps, Pierre said persons who lost their seats in the last general elections were made ‘minister of or minister in’.

“People who were rejected by the electorate, they gave them ministries because they had to give jobs to the boys and the girls,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader told party supporters.

According to Pierre, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet does not trust them.

“He is a minister and they are ministers too.So you have Chastanet talking about tourism and the other one talking about tourism too and when Chastanet wants he tells him ‘Boy, shut up! I am the minister of tourism,'” the SLP leader stated.

He declared that to make matters worse, they do not respect the institutions of the country.

“The Cabinet Secretary is the highest ranking public servant in Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

He said no Prime Minister has ever fired a Cabinet Secretary, except Allen Chastanet.