Valentine’s Day vigil against crime

A Valentine’s Day candlelight vigil against crime is planned for later today.

Organizers have invited members of the public to be part of the event which will be held at Active Hill,La Clery, which was the scene of a double murder on February 1, 2017, that claimed the lives of Sandrina Joseph and Jeffrey Arbella.

The couple are reported to have been hacked to death while they slept.

The deceased woman’s two young children discovered the bodies.

One of the organisers of the vigil, Saralee Nugent, told the Times that the event is not only for the Active Hill murder victims.

Saralee Nugent

Nugent said that with fifteen homicides so far for the year, it is a signal that something is seriously wrong in this country.

“Basically we want to put the message out there that enough is enough, not only  in our peaceful neighbourhood -we have never had something like that and it rocked us to the core, so it is for that and it is to send a message that we have had enough as a people and that is why we are inviting everybody to come out,” she told the Times.

She said there was need for the people of Saint Lucia to conduct their affairs in a civilised manner

“We need to be able to tell out people that you can resolve your problems without resorting to violence – we are talking about violence against women, violence against children, violence against men, which is sort of taboo,” Nugent stated.

She lamented that people seem ready to hurt one another before using words.

Nugent urged people to come out and show support to the cause.

The activity begins from 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at Tamarind Heights and will feature singing, prayers and speeches.

Participants  will proceed to City Gate, pass through Vide Bouteille, head past the La Clery Catholic Church and return to Active Hill.

An appeal has been made to religious leaders to join the activity and identify themselves before it begins in order to be given an opportunity to address the event.

“There has been violence all over the country and we are saying that we have to take a stand,” Nugent told the Times.