SLP Senator: Hanging not ‘one stop’ crime solution

Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Senator, Guibion Ferdinand, has said that no one measure will stop crime.

Ferdinand spoke against the backdrop of calls by his labour party colleague, John Charlery,  for the resumption of hanging.

Charlery made the call  during an interview at  a vigil last night in La Clery, where there was a double homicide on February 1, 2017.

“I don’t think that any one specific action will stop crime, especially capital punishment,” Senator Guibion Ferdinand told reporters, adding that there is research to suggest that capital punishment does not always work.

“I am not in total agreement with some of the suggestions that have been made, but what I can say is that all of those murders and heinous crimes require multiple efforts from several stakeholders,” he said.

Saint Lucia has r recorded fifteen homicides for the year so far.

he last execution in Saint Lucia was on the 17th of October 1995, when Joseph Solomon Vitalis was hanged for murder.

The SLP Senator said he does not believe that hanging is the ‘one stop’ solution to crime.

Asked whether he would support capital punishment as one of the measures to address crime, Ferdinand said:

“At this point in our society, we are a developing country – looking ahead, I think over time capital punishment will be something that will be in the past in most civilised societies, so I think we as a civilised society need to look ahead and find more ways to prevent crime rather than punitive measures.

The former School Principal disclosed that punitive measures even in the field of education,  do not really deter undesirable behaviour and usually represent a  short term approach which after being implemented, sees a repeat of the same behaviour reoccur.

“What is think is needed are measures that can  prevent crime.Prevention is the issue, not punitive measures, not punishment,” he declared.


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