T&T: Girl kidnapped by Facebook ‘friend’

Trinidad Express:-MISSING for more than two weeks, 15-year-old Melissa Samlal has contacted her mother, telling a scary story of being taken to an unknown location by a woman she met on Facebook who now refuses to let her go home.

The 15-year-old school dropout told her mother she was picked up, on January 30, by a woman she met on Facebook.

Samlal said she was being kept in a house at an unknown location and wanted to return home.

Her mother, Jennifer Cipriani, said she received a call from her daughter at the weekend.

“She said she met this woman on Facebook and they started chatting. She said the woman kept asking to meet her.

“So Melissa told the woman where she was living and ­invited her to come. But when Melissa went in the car, the woman drive off.

“My daughter said she was in a house with some people and wanted to come home.