Attorneys analyze constitutional rights, freedoms

The second in a three-part Discourse of the Constitution series was held on Monday.

The second in a series of live panel discussions on the constitution was held on Feb. 13.

The series dubbed “Discourse on the Constitution” consists of three 90-minute panel discussions where attorneys-at-law confer and deliberate on the current Constitution.

The second discussion took place at the studios of the National Television Network (NTN). The panel comprised of former Attorney General and head of the Constitutional Reform Committee, Kim St. Rose, as moderator, alongside Andie George, Alberton Richelieu and Horace Frazier. The topic for discussion was “Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.”

Due to the emergence of a new generation, a change in the way that rights and freedoms are viewed and addressed is inevitable, said Andie George, attorney-at-law.

“I truly believe that as more young people go into the political arena, into the public strata, there will be change and the change will be so dynamic that we will not be able to contain it. Because our young people go out there and get exposed, and ultimately see things differently and it will change faster than we can manage.”

Alberton Richelieu said discussions pertaining to the Constitution are of the highest importance and therefore should be ongoing.

“The medium that we have here now is one of the best ways to educate people about the Constitution. We should not concentrate our efforts on an education in relation to the Constitution only around the time of Independence. It should be a year round thing making people aware of the shortfalls/shortcomings of the Constitution. For instance, I have not even had time to speak about the discrimination, as far as Creole speaking is concerned. There are so many social ills that need to be addressed.”

The last discussion in the series takes place on Feb. 27.

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