Rigobert: No exclusive right to jobs for locals

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has told Saint Lucian students at the University of the West Indies (UWI)in Trinidad and Tobago that as a result of globalization, no government in any part of the world can give its citizens the assurance  that they have exclusive right to a job in their native country.

“No government can do that anymore,” Rigobert told the UWI students yesterday.

“It means that as a global village, if and or when an opportunity becomes available, it is  not your birth certificate that will give you right of access  to that opportunity,” she explained.

(Saint Lucian students at UWI listening to Doctor Rigobert)

According to the minister, citizens of the OECS and CARICOM may have equal right of access  to opportunities within the groupings.

“The pressure that is therefore upon us to up our game is twofold – we need to up our game because we need to remain competitive and relevant in our own jurisdiction, but also it is necessary that we up our game because of the fact that we find ourselves in a global marketplace where persons from outside of the rock may very well be eligible  to play a significant role in the development of our own country,”  the minister explained.

Rigobert recalled telling her students when she lectured at the university that it is not their university certificate that will guarantee them an opportunity.

“What I mean by that is albeit that perhaps you are part of the privileged five or seven percent of Saint Lucians who are able to access tertiary education, because Saint Lucia is not an exclusive zone you find yourselves  as part and parcel of a wider global community of persons who hold a a certificate of similar weight,” she stated.