Cruise ship visitor robbed near Castries Market

A cruise ship visitor was robbed this afternoon near the Castries Market, the Times has been informed.

The President of the Vendors Association, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, disclosed that three visitors were looking around by the market when two young men pounced on  an elderly woman who was part of the group, grabbed a gold chain  and escaped.

The incident occurred at around 3:30 pm, he said.

“I mean this is not nice – this is going to cost us a lot,” Isaac told the Times.

“The worst thing about it is about this time around to tell you the truth, I can’t see no City Police around – not one, either here or there,” he lamented, adding that while at times City Police officers are quite visible, at other times they are not in evidence.

Isaac declared that the crime fighting strategy is not working.

He told the Times that the visitors, two women and a man,  were so upset after the incident that they did not want to speak to anyone, but headed back to their cruise ship.

Isaac described them as all having been older people.

He said the young attackers wore no masks.

Last Friday a Canadian visitor had his chain snatched on the William Peter Boulevard by a bandit who got away, according to news reports, while another thug who attacked a visitor in a separate incident a few days later was held by a female Special Police Constable.

Mayor Peterson Francis has been quoted in the media as saying that muggings have been blown out of proportions by the media.

But he made it clear that any robbery is a source of concern to him.