T&T: Three charges with rape, abduction, buggery

Trinidad Express:-Cousins Sadiq and Shiraz Mohammed were denied bail yesterday on charges of rape, buggery, armed robbery and carrying away a 26-year-old female cashier against her will.

They were charged, along with Brandon Basdeo, with the indictable offences laid by Corporal Roger Nanan of the San Fernando Criminal Investigations Department.
The three hid their faces as they were escorted to court by police officers. Expletives were hurled at media photographers and videographers, and one of them spat at the camera men.
Before Senior Magistrate Nannette Forde-John, labourer Sadiq Mohammed begged that he be spared being sent to prison. “If I going to jail, I would like to go MSP (Maximum Security Prison)… If you send me to Arouca prison, I could lose my life.”
He told the San Fernando magistrate he had a twin brother and alleged that his sibling was charged after an incident with a prison officer.
Sadiq, 24, of Woodland, also said he came out of prison five months ago and was being framed by the police with the charges he faced yesterday.