Niece identifies uncle’s charred body

Nevia Tommy, the niece of deceased Monchy resident, Joseph Alcide, better known as ‘Seeko’, has told the Times that she was able to identify the charred body of her uncle from the bracelets he wore.

Tommy recalled that her son summoned her yesterday morning at around 5:45 O’ clock and told her that there was a fire.

She recalled running up a hill and seeing that her uncle’s house was ablaze.

“I started screaming and said:’Oh my God, my uncle is burning inside of there!'” Tommy said.

She disclosed that the neighbours called the Fire Service which went into action, after which the charred body of Joseph Alcide was found in the burnt out dwelling house.

“I could have identified him because he had some jewelry  – some bracelets on his arm, so that was the only way I could have known that it was him,” Tommy explained.

She said Alcide, who was about eighty years old, lived alone.

Tommy told the Times that surviving relatives are heartbroken as a result of the tragedy.

“He  had no problem with anybody in the neighbourhood – everybody knows him. He works with people  – clean their garden and stuff like that for them, so he was well known in the neighbourhood,” she stated.

Tommy said her deceased uncle will be missed.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.