Celestial Self Development Centre completes Mentoring Workshops

Celestial Self Development Centre held a workshop for Mentors and Mentees on Friday 17 February at 5pm and Saturday 18 February 2017 at 2pm, respectively. The mentor’s workshop was designed to assist registered mentors in understanding the goals of the mentoring program and their roles as mentors, and what it means to be a mentor. The mentee’s workshop through the form of a Vision Boarding exercise facilitated participants in visualizing their long and short term goals.  This process provides a visual representation of what their goals are from a self-development, career, physical, spiritual, financial perspective and health and wellness perspective.

The Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk will be held on Saturday March 11th 2017 from 3:00 pm, in commemoration of Women’s International Day. The walk will begin and end in the Celestial Self Development Car-park, 99 Chaussee Road, Corner of Chaussee & La Pansee Road, opposite the Anglican Primary School.

Interested women are invited to register as Mentors: women with professional expertise and experience that qualifies her to offer sound opinions or advice to someone who is less experienced. We want to encourage business women and professionals to come join us and “Pay it Forward”. Or register as a Mentees: young women who are often less experienced and desires guidance and advice from a more established female leader.

This year we have partnered with CYPAN – (Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network) to have their network assist us in getting young women to register for the walk.

130 Mentoring Walks are scheduled to take place in 62 countries worldwide including; Nigeria, India, Egypt, Peru, UK, South Africa, Canada, USA and of course Saint Lucia.