Mother satisfied with sentence

The tearful Mother of  four year old Terrel Joshua Elibox,who drowned in the sea in Vieux Fort on February 22 two years , has told reporters that she is satisfied with the verdict in the case against Canadian, Sahab Jamshidi, who was charged with causing death by gross negligence or recklessness in the death of the child.

Jamshidi was ordered to pay the sum of $75,000 in compensation to the boy’s family or be sent to jail for three years.

The Canadian accused chose to pay up.

Speaking on behalf of the child’s mother, Viola Hunte, who is a friend of the family, told reporters:

“She is satisfied – it was a fair trial.”

“She is okay with it – there is nothing we can do now. No money, sending him to jail won’t change anything. A life was lost and there is nothing that can bring back this life,” Hunte said outside the courthouse today.

Asked whether equal blame should be apportioned to those who were responsible for keeping an eye on the deceased child , Hunte said she did not know about that and did not want to comment on the matter.

According to reports, the child fell into the sea after getting a ride from a kite surfer.

Supporters of the accused Canadian national maintain he was trying to help the child after seeing the youngster struggle in the water.

They said that Jamshidi  was kitesurfing when he spotted the boy bobbing in choppy water and tried to save the child but  could not reach him.

According to them, the Canadian national returned to shore to get help, but it was too late.

The four-year-old boy had been with his family on a church-run beach outing when he drowned.

His body was recovered two days later.

The boy’s family has said he was taken without permission for a kitesurfing ride.

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