Police combat human trafficking

Interpol hosts an investigative skills course that will help police detect organized crime.

Interpol has commenced the second phase of a training course on human trafficking.

The course, Investigative Skills to Combat Human Trafficking, is facilitated by members of the Interpol General Secretariat in France.

At the opening ceremony, Troy Lamontagne, Head of the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol in Castries, thanked Interpol for facilitating the course.

“The administration of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has accepted the challenge. We have a good history of working with the Interpol Secretariat, and we will continue to do so. I wish to recognize that the course is being held during the week when Saint Lucia celebrates 38 years of Independence. It is significant, because both activities have a common purpose—our right to freedom.”

Human trafficking is a multibillion dollar form of transnational organized crime. Deception, threats, and force are methods used against victims of the crime.

“Saint Lucia is not immune to this international organised crime phenomenon,” he continued. “Intelligence and investigations have revealed that Saint Lucia is a source transit and destination port for trafficking human beings, as well as a transit country for migrant smuggling. These are not glamorous classifications to be associated with; especially when a country is not doing all that is legally possible to fight the problem.

“Notwithstanding a four-year tier two classification on the US department watch list, Saint Lucia has come a long way. Countries on tier two watch lists are considered countries that do not meet the international standards in illuminated human trafficking.

“Saint Lucia has enacted legislation criminalizing the activity and has taken institutional measures to implement the legislation. Subsequently a number of measures have been initiated based on intelligence obtained or complaints made by victims.”

Other speakers at the opening ceremony included Ivana Jankovic, Interpol Project Manager in Trafficking in Human Beings; Sean Alexander, Assistant Superintendant of Police Immigration; and Mersharma Sealy, Assistant Commissioner in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The training course ends on Friday, Feb. 24. It is being held at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 24, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    The amount off people coming thru st Lucia and and immergration and interpol don’t no. When last u heard immergration in st Lucia? So many people crossing the island from other island.