Pierre responds to attacks on civil servants

Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre, has responded to government attacks on civil servants,  asserting that Saint Lucian civil servants are hardworking.

Pierre made the comments this morning during a news conference.

“It has become a habit for the government of the UWP to malign and attack hard working civil servants,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader stated.

He told reporters that one government  minister accused civil servants of being corrupt, untrustworthy and  destabilizing the government.

” Our public servants have been accused of leaking information on government secrets.  Government expenditure must not be a secret and the public has the right to know when taxpayers money is being used for the payment of dubious expenses and questionable contracts,” Pierre declared.

He spoke against the backdrop of accusations made by  Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph.

Joseph was responding to reports of  an apparent leak of the FDL St Jude Technical Audit.

Joseph said it was clear that the former labour administration loaded the civil service with political appointees who remain loyal to only the labour party and not the government or the people of St Lucia.

“That is why I believe that all political appointees should go with the government who appointed them,” the Castries South East MP told reporters earlier this week.