Public Library embarks on Islandwide Book Drive

The Public Library has embarked on an Island-wide Book Drive to help replenish and improve the quality of the library’s collection. Through this drive, library officials are requesting new or used book-donations from members of the public to ensure that it meets the information and reading needs of its membership.

The drive, which runs until April 30th, 2017, will also help the Public Library to become more current and relevant to the communities it serves. The acquisition and provision of up-to-date informative and reading materials, library officials say, will help it fulfill its mandate, which is to provide quality information to facilitate the developmental and educational activities of students, lifelong learners and the general public.

Library officials request that members of the public try to at least donate one book as part of the drive to any public library in their residential community or district from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, throughout the period of the drive.