Invest Saint Lucia/TEPA Expo partnership builds “Brand Saint Lucia”

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia, March 01, 2017; Invest Saint Lucia has confirmed its’ partnership for the staging of Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017, the upcoming OECS Trade exposition produced by the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) in collaboration with the OECS Commission, with title sponsorship by AMERIJET. Specialty Caribbean Expo 2017 takes place from March 9-12, and will showcase the products and services of over 150 participating exhibitors from the OECS and Martinique.

Invest Saint Lucia is the island’s Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) charged with promoting, stimulating and facilitating investment for the country’s socio-economic development. Invest Saint Lucia’s CEO Mc Hale Andrew cites the partnership with Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017 as a natural fit, because it supports the “Brand Saint Lucia” initiative which envisages a co-operative approach to marketing the island as a location for investment, doing business and for leisure.

TEPA has also received high commendation from its sister agency, for what Mr. Andrew cites as a bold initiative in showcasing the trade and export potential for local and regional manufacturers and service providers. Making note of TEPA’s successful negotiation of a substantial buyer contingent to SCE EXPO 2017 from Canada, Cuba, Martinique, UK and the USA, the IPA’s CEO noted that the presence of those buyers bodes well for improved trading relations.

“We see this as a vital undertaking in penetrating regional and international markets, and in accessing and delivering on the trade opportunities that arise out of the various trade agreements of which Saint Lucia is a signatory.

According to Mr. Andrew, manufacturing is one of the sectors of focus for both TEPA and Invest Saint Lucia. As such, his agency sees potential in value addition and downstream activities, as manufacturers that have chosen Saint Lucia as an investment location, can now realise even greater export potential and increased market access penetration, redounding to a win-win for both agencies.

“Moreover, given that Invest Saint Lucia is responsible for promoting Saint Lucia for investments, and TEPA is the national agency responsible for promoting Saint Lucia’s exports, the agencies can realise focused synergies as they both attempt to raise the investment profile and export potential of Saint Lucia”, Mr. Andrew concluded.


  1. Cyril Peter
    March 4, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Great ideas but let’s hear the specifics please when it comes to manufacturing and creating badly needed job for St.Lucians.
    There was an emerging market in the 80s in which our little island was way ahead of the competition producing jams, jellies,hot sause etc from a factory at Grand Ravine In the Mabouya valley. Somehow that factory was closed, dismantled and sold which cost the loss of many jobs and the opportunity of becoming a power house on the global market. South America snatched that opportunity and we are left with nothing. Let’s have a long term plan this time around.

  2. Batman
    March 5, 2017 at 6:40 am

    @cyril peter.
    These comments are imperative the sad thing is they all know. Helen of the west is a lost sole with so much potential yet lip service gets priority over action time and time again. We make the mistakes then a foreigner brings up an idea only to take it up when it was a failed past venture. The issue is no longer job creation but sustainable creative industries where life skills are acquired which can impact the human resource

  3. Anonymous
    March 5, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Re: Invest St.lucia /Expo.
    It’s a great Idea,but where is money for Investment is coming from?I am all in favor of the plans but we need Twenty Five Thousand Canadian per Person to start the Venture..Interested Participants can Contact me the author.
    We need great thinkers and doers for a start..
    All talks and no money makes a moot point. Put your money where your minds are.