Cutlass attack at Victoria Hospital

There was pandemonium last night at Victoria Hospital as a cutlass wielding man entered the Casualty Department, reportedly to attack a male patient who had been rushed there after being wounded in a cutlass incident earlier at Marc.

According to information obtained by the Times, the assailant went into the hospital  at around 8 pm with a cutlass hidden under his shirt.

A source said the assailant and another man had arrived at the hospital in a vehicle that was driven by a male.

It is reported that the assailant proceeded to the Casualty Department where he attacked the patient who had earlier been wounded in the Marc incident, sending nurses and patients scurrying for their lives.

An eyewitness told the Times that the bloodied victim of the cutlass attack ran out of the Casualty Department with his attacker in hot pursuit.

According to the eyewitness, the victim sought refuge in the security booth, where a private security officer with a drawn firearm confronted the attacker and ordered him to throw down the cutlass, which he initially refused to do.

The eyewitness said a private citizen drew a taser gun to back up the officer, whereupon the assailant surrendered and complied when he was ordered to lie on the ground.

The police were summoned and are reported to have taken the assailant, his companion and the man who drove them to the hospital into custody.

The Times was informed that last night’s cutlass attack at the hospital appeared to be a continuation of the fracas that started earlier in Marc.

It is reported that the men involved all appeared to be in their twenties.