Mayor ‘recycling’ money to fund CCC projects

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has asserted that he is recycling money to fund programmes being undertaken by the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC).

Francis was responding to a reporter’s question yesterday.

The reporter asked the Mayor how the CCC could be undertaking so many programmes when Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, is on record as having declared that Saint Lucia is broke.

Explaining what he meant by recycling money, Mayor Francis disclosed that there was a situation at the CCC where 72 men were being paid over $30,000 a fortnight, purportedly doing overtime work on Saturday and Sunday.

But he stated that the number was cut to a maximum of 13 after an investigation was conducted.

He disclosed that about sixteen hours a fortnight were involved.

“We have a guy who is a driver getting $1,200 a  month working for 160 hours a month – in 16 hours he gets over $2000,” Francis revealed.

He spoke of CCC workers  constructing tombs in the cemetery who, although there is a facility there, had a portable toilet costing up to $4,000 a month.

“We have another situation of a guy working from 6 to 2 who gets 2 hours of overtime every day from Monday to Friday to deposit the cash at a bank in the Boulevard with the company’s vehicle,” Francis disclosed.

“Peterson Francis has not received any money from government – Peterson Francis is just recycling money,” the Mayor stated.

He said the CCC is now saving some $50,000 a month in just one area.




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