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Saint Lucian poet and playwright, the Honourable Sir Derek  Alton Walcott, died at his home at Cap Estate this morning, a family friend has confirmed.

Walcott, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1992, had been ailing for some time and had been on a dialysis machine, the family friend told the Times.

According to the friend, the man who had been described as the world’s greatest living poet had been hospitalised for some time and was released recently.

He made his debut at the age of 18 with – 25 Poems, but it was with the publication of  his collection of poems “In a Green Night’ in 1962 that he made a breakthrough.

Walcott was educated at St Mary’s College and the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

He moved to Trinidad in 1953 where he worked as a theatre and art critic and founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop.

Walcott was Professor of Poetry at the University of Essex from 2010 to 2013.

He also taught literature and creative writing at Boston University.

His works included the epic poem, Omeros which has been hailed as the poet’s greatest achievement.

Walcott won many literary prizes during his career.

He was born on January 23, 1930.



    • You are extremely ignorant!

      You either not a St Lucian or can’t grasp the level of achievement this man has gained.

      You should be on SNO not on here.

      This man wasn’t just SOMEBODY!

    • I agree. It’s appointed on to man we must all die. He has played his part and has been recognize. Case close

      • You don’t comment. Him being alive does nother change the cost of my electricity bill. Neither does him being dead. So you hush your piece hole.

    • What have you done for yourself or for your country “Choops tun” that will make you and/or your country famous?
      You sound like a rather shallow and empty vessel.

      • Why do we choose to denigrate one another when we can just as easily uplift. We only rise when we lift not when we put down. To find out about his contribution to his country and he did one should do the research, not wait to be told. WE LOST A STELLAR LUCIAN SON TODAY. My deepest condolences to his family even as I grieve his departing.

    • He’s not just anybody he has been recognised for his literary works what is your achievement cha have some respect for your fellow country man

    • Zot toute sa ai shiay. Say more ee ha more.

      You’ll deh as if he had to stay for ever. Only now you’ll know Derek Walcott????

  1. R I P Sir Derek Walcott. 🙁 Condolences to the family. The passing of a great St Lucian legend. A sad loss to the world of literature. 🙁

  2. RIP, your legacy will be remembered throughout history.

    Now having said that, what did he give back to society?
    Did he use his influence to advocate of the development of the human resource?
    And no, I am not asking did he donate money, as someone’s efforts to help a worthy cause always goes beyond just money contributions.
    Sooo, did he help the people, Because it was instilled in me that one must always contribute to the development of their people as little as they can.


  3. Sir Derick Walcott was a Icon for St.lucia.A planted a seed that can never be replanted.Through out the years to come we will find out how much of importance of a man he was,and will still be after deat.My condolences go out to his family and friends.May the Legend rest in peace.

    • WOW Sharon your hypocrisy is unbelievable!

      Do you realise Sir Walcott was black?!

      This is an extract from one of your comments to an article on SNO “Black people are the most uncivilized of all races.”

      • He’s saying there are more uncivilized in a ratio form, he is also saying every other race right now is partially uncivilized. He never said every single person acts like that, u tard

  4. May you continue your poetry on the other side, and thank you for your time here, you will always be a giant Saint Lucian. Goodbye Derek :(.

  5. Sincere condolences to the island of St. Lucia, the people and friends of the people of the Helen of the West Indies.
    He was not ashamed to say “I am St. Lucian.”
    Sad that death knocked on your door.

  6. May he rest in peace. His memory will live in the annals of History. Some comments prove that there are very ignorant St. Lucians.

  7. My Sympathy to Sigrid and and the Walcott family.
    He will go down in history as a great Poet. I loved his paintings.
    St. Lucia is proud to call him their own.
    May he rest in Peace.

  8. Farewell DW you have played your part and your work will live on. We should be happy for what you’ve accomplish and not sad that you died. My deepest condolences to your family.

  9. It’s always sad when someone we know passes on. RIP dear Derek. Your contributions will always be remembered.

  10. Another Life
    White Egrets

    “Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole.”

    In the distance, over Cap Estate, a white egret takes flight and goes home to roost, for the last time, in the setting sun on the western horizon. So long Sir Derek…so long.

  11. I can’t blv ppl have something bad to say about the death of such a great man…r. I. p wud b enuff …

  12. To the family and frinds of this great man I say condolences. Your achievements have inspired many of us Lucians to achieve better. Many of us will never reach your level of greatness. But some of us will die trying….on the beach with coffee in hand is where you will remain in my memory.
    Side note when criminals die or get killed you ignorant people say soo sad and God help our Lil island. When the best of us die you say oh well.

  13. Wait who wrote this article? Has died? Though it’s not wrong but come on…. Sir Derek Walcott passed away… sir Walcott departed his life on March 17th 2017.. my condolences goes out to his family. May he rest in peace

  14. On this day in our history. March 17 2017. Sir Derek Walcott St Lucia second Nobel prized laureate died. So sad. Happy to have met this man he was a true gem. Rest in peace sir.

  15. RIP Sir Derek Walcott. The lord have xled you home. One of the most creative of hearts/minds. We need so much like you, to leave the legacy you left behind.


    • Saint lucians learn to be like him and learn to do everthing he did too and sir Authur Lewis too we must notforget them
      keep them in our hearts

  17. Saint lucians be like him and learn to playwright, learn to write poems and learn to do works of art like his

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