Government to strengthen national planning system

The VRCP workshop highlights Saint Lucia’s efforts to pursue development pathways that are sustainable.

The Government of Saint Lucia, through the Department of Economic Development, Transport, and Civil Aviation in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) is strengthening the island’s national planning systems and policy formulation using a Vulnerability Resilience Country Profile (VRCP).

The VRCP is an evidence-based pictorial assessment of Saint Lucia’s vulnerability to internal and external threats, as well as the extent to which policy initiatives and programs are building the island’s capacity to prevent, adapt or mitigate these vulnerabilities.

The VRCP will support the formulation of the island’s long term development plan and ensure that international initiatives such as the Samoa Pathway and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are integrated into the island’s development planning agenda. The process will map common areas between these two agreements and importantly, allow for national prioritization of the 17 broad goals and the associated 169 specific targets which make up the SDGs, including ensuring healthy lives and quality education for all, clean water, sanitation as well as making cities safe, reducing inequality within and among countries, and promoting economic growth and good governance.

The workshop marks another milestone for the island’s participation in global efforts to pursue development pathways that are sustainable.

In 2013, Saint Lucia as a Small Island Development State (SIDS) was among the 50 countries selected by the United Nations to hold national consultations which shaped the discussion on the sustainable development goals.

This national consultation will bring together stakeholders from the public sector and non-state actors to shape the long term development of the island. The two-day meeting will be convened on March 29 and 30, at 8:30 a.m., on the 5th floor of the Financial Administrative Centre at Pointe Seraphine; and the Bel Jou Hotel at La Pansee, respectively.