Saint Lucian among Caribbean authors in new project

Press Release:-A Saint Lucian is amongst four  young, Caribbean authors who have combined their talents in what they’ve dubbed “#TheLettersProject.”

 The authors, hailing from St.Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, all range in ages from 25-29.

Chadia Mathurin, the lone Saint Lucian in the bunch , made her debut as an author in 2015 , with her non-fiction piece – “Being a Virgin Is Not Enough” which can be found on amazon in both kindle and paperback format.

 This work speaks to the holistic nature of purity, rather than the piece-meal manner in which it is attempted and it clearly states that there is more to living a life of purity than abstaining from sex.

The Letters Project speaks to related topics, but it is not limited in its themes. It facilitates discourse on matters of religious, political, social and economic importance in the region and the world.  

Through the medium of letters, the authors have beautifully crafted relevant sprinklings of wisdom to the “jabal”, “the boatwin”, the scorned, the mentally unwell, the rolling stone and many other characters of the Caribbean story.

The books, with limited, special edition features, are now available for preorder via the crowdfunding campaign. This allows for your partnership with these dynamic young people who are seeking to change the narrative for the young, old and in-between, through their engaging commentary, filled with local parlance and relatable experiences.

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