ILO supports labour code review

Saint Lucia’s labour code reflects strongly the principles and practices enshrined in ILO Conventions.

Rainer Pritzer of the International Labour Organization (ILO) has pledged more support to Saint Lucia as stakeholders continue to engage in social dialogue on the Labour Code.

The ILO’s Senior Specialist on Social Dialogue and Labour Administration, Ranier Pritzer, who was on island for the recently concluded two-day legislative review of the Labour Code, said Saint Lucia’s labour code reflects strongly the principles and good practices that are enshrined in ILO Conventions and other international labour standards.

According to Mr Pritzer, the world is evolving and so are the challenges and conditions in the workplace. He said the framework for regulating workplaces should therefore also be adapted and adjusted from time to time.

“As obvious as it may seem, not all countries in the Caribbean undergo such a process of updating labour legislation,” he said. “I want to commend your government and your minister in particular for initiating this process. It was only four weeks ago that at the ILO Caribbean ministers meeting which took place in Jamaica, the future of work and the expected challenges and changes were debated to prepare governments and social partners for these new trends in the world of work.”

In proffering advice on the way forward, Mr Pritzer said the government of Saint Lucia should also look at strengthening the framework for the application and implementation of the Labour Code.

“This might include the strengthening of the Labour Department to ensure application, it might include strengthening of the social partners, understanding the law and implementing it, it might mean the strengthening of the appropriate enforcement system including the judicial system and perhaps it will also include discussions on the labour code and other labour issues.”

Ministers for Labour have been discussing the possibilities for a more coordinated and assimilated labour legislation throughout the Caribbean.

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