Saint Lucia Jazz hits Yorkshire

Featured will be specially-selected jazz musicians from Saint Lucia, including the Dynamix Band, Chrycee, Claudia, and Rupert Lay.

A host of Saint Lucian talent will be showcased this summer, at the Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival in East Yorkshire, England.

The festival, organized by its sax-playing owner Simon Cunliffe-Lister, and jazz singer Saffron Byass, features live music, picnics and children’s entertainment within the Elizabethan grounds.

The organisers said their aim this year, is to feature specially-selected jazz musicians from Saint Lucia. Cunliffe-Lister travelled to Saint Lucia in March to hold auditions for the festival.

“I was keen to do something special and different to celebrate our tenth anniversary,” he explained. “I wanted to present some unique cultural activities amongst the Hull City of Culture events.”

Saint Lucian acts down to perform include The Dynamix Band, Chrycee, Claudia, and jazz guitarist Rupert Lay.

“Dynamix have such a mature and sophisticated sound. I was flabbergasted to discover that the four boys are all between 15 and 19 years old, playing well in advance of their age. The soulful Chrycee, and the Saint Lucian household name, Claudia, are two exciting singers who work modern Saint Lucian styles into well-known songs and their own creative compositions; and it was a compelling twist to hear the Rupert Lay jazz guitar trio, with drums and double bass, playing a bebop classic.”

The Jazz and Blues Festival will be held at the Elizabethan Burton Agnes Hall, from Friday, June 30, to Sunday, July 2.

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  1. Vin
    April 17, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Will have to make it a date…

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