Weekend report of 80 ambulance responses, 5 assaults, 7 accidents, & 1 drowning

There were 80 ambulance responses, inclusive of both the north (51), and the south (29) of the island.

The Fire Service recorded 5 cases of physical assault, 7 motor vehicle accidents and 1 drowning incident over the weekend.

  • On Sunday 23rd April at approximately 1:40p.m., a call was received at the Micoud Fire Station informing of a suspected drowning at Micoud. Upon arrival at scene, emergency personnel found one male individual lying on his back on the ground.
  • Initial assessment revealed that patient was breathless and pulseless. CPR was immediately initiated. An automated external defibrillator was attached and “no shock” was advised.

The patient was then transferred to the ambulance and transported the St. Jude Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor


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